The Book of the Adventure of Jack Bob

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The next morning, Jack was awaken by Frank. Frank gave him a special suit to wear to protect him from the radiation in the wastelands. After Jack put the suit on, Frank took him to the runway where Frank introduced him to the captain of his men, Captain John Leignhart. Frank left him with John. John and Frank boarded their airplane and sat down. Five minutes later, the plane took off. Jack questioned John about the supplies. The main supplies were five rather large enclosed hovercrafts. One of the hovercrafts was to carry the other supplies like food. Each man was wearing a gray, flexible suit complete with everything needed to support the person inside it including a clear helmet. After flying for an hour, the men prepared to parachute out of the plane. First, they dropped out the supplies (they had time controlled parachutes as the men did) and the men followed. Jack was half asleep and unknowingly walked out of the plane. When he became fully awake, he began to scream and pray because he didn't know he was wearing a parachute. Along with the screaming, Jack wet himself, and it exited out the waste removal tube and got on some of the men. When Jack landed, he noticed the land. The land was covered in a glowing pink and purple "mud" with its only visible life being oddly colored trees. After the men gathered their supplies, they started on their way.

After walking for awhile, they began to hear a buzzing sound. John yelled to Jack, "There are some giant flies headed our way. Should we use our guns on them?"

Jack answered, "Giant flies? Yes, use your guns. "The men picked up their guns. Jack also picked up his. He was very hesitant to fire. He slowly pulled the trigger and a liquid came out. A smile appeared on his face as he began shooting the men while saying, "I got a watergun. Got you and you. Ha! Ha!"

John yelled to him, "It's not water! It's bug spray! Shoot the flies!"

"Oh? Sorry. I knew that." The men began shooting the flies, and the flies began to die. One of the flies retreated, but all the rest died. After the shouts of joy and victory, the men went out to finish their quest.

After the men had journeyed for about a kilometer or so, Jack felt something grab his leg. He looked down to see the ugliest thing he had ever seen. It had only a few distinguishable traits because it was covered in the "mud." Among those traits were yellow and black pointy teeth and three eyes. It was a wastecrawler. Jack was struck with fear. When any other man would have fought for his life or yelled for help, Jack wet himself and became temporarily paralyzed with fear. The liquid waste came out the waste removal tube and landed in the wastecrawler's mouth. The wastecrawler let go of Jack and let out a horrifying scream. Then it began flinging itself around violently and finally exploded, throwing orange goo onto all of the men. The captain yelled to Jack, who was no longer paralyzed, "Well done!"

Jack replied in a low voice, "Yes."

After continuing for about ten minutes, they saw some more giant flies approaching them. Jack noticed that they were wearing protective suits. He knew he couldn't stop so he went into a panic. He started running around mindlessly while the others stood still in fear. Then, when all seemed lost, Jack ran into a dead tree and knocked it over. Lucikly, it fell on the flies killing all but one. This fly grabbed Captain Leignhart and flew away. Jack saw this and mustered up his courage, but it wasn't enough, so he borrowed some from some of the men. This gave him enough courage, so he pursued the fly.

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