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Simple Chat is exactly what it claims to be: a simple chat program. It was originally designed as part of Columnus (Vitalized), which was going to have multi-player support. That never happened, though, because MOO was too buggy fro me to use. Simple Chat became a seperate entity when someone asked me if I had a simple chat program he could use (that's also from where I got the name). I seperated the chat out of Columnus (Vitalized) and disabled the gaming parts of the chat (they're still in the code, though). That's how Simple Chat came to be.




The server I want to use is not on the list. How do I connect to that server?
Enter the server's address into the edit box labeled "Enter your name." Now, click the "Add Address (use name input)" button. The server address should now appear at the bottom of the list.

Can I permanently add a server to the list, or can I permanently delete one?
This is done automatically whenever an entry is added. To delete an entry, simply select that entry and click the "Remove Selected Address" button.

What is the number after the colon (:) in the server addresses in the list? Do I need to use that?
That number is the port number to which to connect. Most of the time it will be 1200. If the port is left out of the address, Simple Chat will assume that the port is 1200, so for most addresses, you can leave the port out of the address.

The Dialogue Box seems to be stuck on "Connecting...." What should I do?
If this happens, a problem has ocurred while connecting. If the dialogue simply says "Connecting...," then the problem is actually connecting to the server. If it says "Connecting to server through port number...," then the problem is with signing on. If either of these happen, click the "Cancel" button and try again. Most of the time, if there are no errors, you'll get connected very quickly. I wouldn't recommend waiting longer than a minute for Simple Chat to connect. If things are taking that long, cancel and try again.


What is that number to the left of every name?
This number is the user's unique ID number. It is used to differentiate amoing different users with the same name. Each person is assigned one by the server when they sign on.

How do I send a message in the format of "Name action?"
Type a message of the format /m action. For example, if my name is (3)Matt, and I type /m is cool, the message "(3)Matt is cool" will appear in the chat window.

How do I send a private message?
Type a message of the format /p id message, where id is the id number of the user to whom you are sending a private message.

How do I exit the program?
There are several ways to do this. You can use any of the standard Windows ways to close it (Alt+F4, use the close box, etc.). Also, you can type /q into the message box and press enter.

How do I disconnect?
Type /d into the message box and press enter.

How do I sign off?
Type /o into the message box and press enter.

How do I sign back on?
Type /s name into the message box and press enter. Typing "/s Matt" will sign you on with the name Matt.

I've been disconnected. How do I reconnect?
You'll have to restart Simple Chat. A quick way to do this is to type /r into the message box and press enter.

How do I change my name?
To change your name, sign off (/o) and then sign back on (/s name) using the name you want.

Is there a way to boot users out of the chat?
Yes, but I can't tell you how.

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