Expanding the Power of the UHSD

Add-Ons are essentially new PERL scripts that can be integrated into the UHSD. They will usually consist of three pieces: some code to add to the Add-On box on the Edit Settings page, some code to add to the Add-On Navigation box on the Universal Settings, and some other external scripts. The only problem with Add-Ons is that anyone can use them for malicious purposes. I would suggest only taking them from trusted sources.

So, what do Add-Ons do? They can add functionality to the UHSD, or they can completely alter its main functionality. I'm relatively certain that an Add-On could be made to convert the UHSD into a BBS (bulletin-board). Other things, such as creating and maintaining user databases, could also be possible through Add-Ons.

Installing Add-Ons

  1. If the add-on you want to install has a file named, read it. It contains special installation instructions that may differ from these.
  2. Open each script and change the first line (#!/usr/bin/perl) to the proper PERL address. If you do not know it, ask your web provider.
  3. Upload all of the files (except for txt files) in ASCII mode (IMPORANT to use ASCII mode) to one directory. CHMOD all of the scripts in it to 755. CHMOD all dat files to 622.
  4. Go into the settings of the game(s) to which you are installing the add-on. Take the text from the file name ao...script.txt and add that to the Add-On Box.
  5. Go into the universal settings. Take the text from ao...nav.txt and add it to the Add-On Navigation Box.
  6. If the add-on contains any settings scripts (which now should appear at the bottom of the main screen), run them.

The Official Add-Ons:

  1. The Auto Ban Add-On (aoMob3) - This add-on will automatically ban a user's IP address he/she fails a security check a certain amount of times (this amount is set in the settings). The idea behing this add-on is that any user who fails a security check so many times is probably trying to cheat. So, to save you the touble of having to look through the cheaters log and manually banning the user, this add-on bans the user for you.

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