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Matt of Bumderland The Amazingly Odd World of Bumderland Columnus - In Columnus, three walls close in on you from three sides. Hold the walls back for as long as you can by shooting the odd block on each wall. There is no end to Columnus; you play for score. View High Scores

Clear the Way! - In Clear the Way!, you pilot an airplane. Your mission is to destroy the buildings in the path of the tanks using your multitude of bombs. There is no end to Clear the Way!; you play for score. View High Scores

Rohan Hill R-Games - A website of cool FREE games made by Rohan Hill, such as Watkins who's a penguin with a slingshot. Watkins Moosarama Arena - Watkins is a penguin with a slingshot, who was first featured in the game Watkins. Now, in Watkins Moosarama Arena, he's trying to shoot as many mooses as possible in 30 seconds, and hopefully, he'll get to go on to the next level. View High Scores
Burfelt Inventive Minds - Develops free games using Click and Create, Klik and Play, and Multimedia Fusion. Offers online game play, free games, and tutorials. Snake - I have succesfully been able to remove a mayor bug from Snake, so this game is finally finished. It's based on Nokia's snake, but my game includes a ten person highscore list. Easy to play and lots of fun. Snake is a classic. Play it now! View High Scores

Pacman - Pacman needs no introdution. Play Pacman online with 5 levels of classic dot eating. Avoid the ghosts while you eat your way to the next level. Play it online now and beat the highscores! View High Scores

BrickBuster - A classic bat and ball game. Destroy bricks and score points. Special features like glue, shots, and a large bat will help you succeed. Once a front row of bricks is destroyed a new row will appear. Destroy ten rows and get an extralife. View High Scores

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Chris Branch Starfish Games Vitalize Gallery - An ever increasing list of action and puzzle games including "The Truck That Couldn't Stop" and "Stand Back, You Evil Embezzler" The Truck That Couldn't Stop -Think Speed... now turn it into a small Vitalize game where barriers appear for some reason and a police car shoots yellow birdy-things. View High Scores
Jaime Araiza Eternal Illusions L. O. R. - A Mexican company developing Director/Flash presentations & games.  

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