Bumderland Characters

Learn about the characters of Bumderland. They are in no particular order. The pictures are not very clear because they were taken from actual videos and because the vidoe camera wasn't focussed too well. Click on an image to view a larger one.

He ain't broke. Stink Bomb was the very first Bumderland character. He is odd and dumb and is usually made fun of for it. He also undergoes physical comedy. He cannot die. He can break open, though. When this happens, he releases awful smelling gas. He can eventually fix himself.

Fight the war! Bookbaghead gets is name from the magical bookbag he wears on his head. He is quite stupid, but he gains extraordinary strength from the bookbag on his head.

We're stupid, we're Stupid Rangers. Wanna see our balls? He we did it, and it only took an hour. The Stupid Rangers are very dumb. They have the power to change into their "balls" at any time. From there, they can change into the Big Guy. They usually mess up and change into some things that are of no help to them.

Couldn't find a good one.. Mr. Bunghole is the star of Mr. Bunghole's Neighborhood. He's not that dumb, but he's not that smart either. Also in the picture, you can see Hulkie and Crayon. Hulkie is always jealous of Mr. Bunghole, while Crayon tries to keep Hulkie in line.

Have you checked your shoes lately? The Phantom Pooper is Bookbaghead's arch enemy. He goes around leaving poop in people's stuff.

Vote for me! Future President Panasonic will stop at nothing to take over Bumderland. He is ruthless but does everything with a hint of humor.

Hail to the blocks! Block Dude and Block Dude, Jr. pretend to be super heroes. They have no special powers, and their suits hold them back but are their trademarks.

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