USB HID Scale Reader

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What this program can do

This program can be used to read USB HID scales. Actually, it can be used to send/read data from most USH HID devices, but it contains specific functionality for converting the raw data read from a scale into a weight. The program was designed and tested for use with a scale, so I have no idea if it will work with other scales. This program CANNOT calibrate any scales. It can only read data from them. I have no idea how calibration is done. If you need drivers, you could try installing the software. I'm pretty sure you can install it without making an account. That might have the needed drivers.

How to use this program

First, you need to select the device from the device list. Each device is listed by its vendor and product IDs. If you're not sure which is the scale, you can guess and check or go into your Windows device list and find the correct vendor and product ID for your scale. The vendor ID of my scale is 0x1446. The product ID is 0x6A73.

Once you've selected the proper device, click the "Open" button to open a connection to the device. Once open, you can read data from the device or send data to it.

If you want to read raw data, click the "Read" button. If you want the weight from the scale, click the "Read Scale" button. The "Read Scale" works for my scale and probably for other scales as well, but don't rely on it without testing its accuracy first.

I've never tested sending data so I have no idea if it works. I included it for the sake of completion. To send data, enter some hexidecimal number into the text box. Do not include a prefix. You may include a separator between bytes (pairs of hexadecimal digits) if you want, but there's no need to do so. Click the "Send" button to send the data to the device.


Thanks to Nicholas Piasecki for his post about reading data from USB scales.

Thanks to Mike O'Brien for his HID Library for C#.


Matt Galanto