The Universal High Scores Database
Version 2.15

Dowload the Universal High Scores Database

Download the UHSD Object for MMF

The Universal High Scores Database is the solution to the problem of storing high scores online. It's VERY customizable, it's very EASY to use, and best of all, it's FREE and can be hosted on YOUR server. So, what exactly can this bad boy do? Here's a list in no particular order:

  1. Custom Security Check (feel free to contact me for help on this) and Blowfish encryption with the UHSD Object
  2. Supports multiple games at once
  3. Any number of custom-named fields (score, username, character, whatever) with individual sort properties
  4. Add-On support for increased functionality
  5. Automatically retrieves the upload date and IP
  6. Referer check
  7. IP ban to keep those annoying people from abusing your database
  8. Completely custom display (written by YOU in HTML) with many non-HTML options
  9. Normal Scores that can be set to be deleted every x days
  10. All-Time Scores
  11. Set maximum amount of scores
  12. Edit and delete stored scores
  13. Stores a list of all security check failures
  14. Time zone settings
  15. Add and delete users (users=people who maintain the database)
  16. Improved Security (Anti-Duplication Modes: "No Duplicate Scores" and "No Duplicate Security Codes")
  17. Generate an INI file for easy loading of data into a game or an application
  18. Debugger for isolating errors in Perl-based options (add-ons and security checkers)
  19. Some other less notable options

Example Files

The Add-Ons Page! - Download official add-ons for the UHSD.

Universal High Scores Database Links Page - I'm trying to get a complete listing of all people and games using the UHSD. If you have any games currrently using the UHSD, let me know (my contact information is below). Here's the iformation I need (*=mandatory):

Information to Check Out

Click here to see my personal script in action.
Username: Public
Password: public
(both are case-sensitive, so use the proper cases on letters)

Click here to add a new username.

Click here to see the test display.

Click here to read the view the current (I'm still working on them) help files.

Click here to view the example Security Check.

Click here to view the string parsing documentation that explains how to use the Anti-Duplication Modes to improve security.

Click here to test out the database using forms.

Dowload the Universal High Scores Database

Download the UHSD Object for MMF

Contact information:
Matt of Bumderland
ICQ: 16404137
Matt of Bum