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Here, you can download games for free. Each game on this page was made by a Bumderland programmer. There are currently only two Bumderland programmers, Matt and Graham (Why do persist in using my name? I'm giving you credit. Oh, go on.).

Listed below are games programmed on GWBASIC. You can't download GWBASIC at this site, but you can at this ste (please, tell me if this site goes down). In order to run these programs, you must put them in the same folder as GWBASIC. Then you can do one of two things to run it:

  1. You can run GWBASIC and then type in run"<program name>. For example, to run Journey, you would type run"journey.
  2. You can put the file on you Start Menu or run it as GWBASIC.exe (or whatever the program GWBASIC is saved as) <program name>.bas (you must have the correct folder, too). For example, to run Journey, you would use GWBASIC.exe (or whatever the program GWBASIC is saved as) journey.bas.

Download Journey.bas-This game is a text adventure that is not characteristic of the Amazingly Odd World of Bumderland because it lacks humor. At first it may seem stupid, but as you progress, it gets a lot better. It's about 18.9 KB in size.

Download Insult.bas-This is the Insultinator. It is pretty cool for trashing your enemies. It only uses insults that you store in the names file. It's about 2.9 KB in size.

Online Games!-These games can be played in your browser through the use of plug-ins.

Columnus (Vitalized)-This is the best part of Columnus, the Normal Mode. The game is pretty simple: "You have to shoot the odd blocks to push back the walls (it is much more fun than it sounds here)." In this version, you can submit your score to the high scores list! This game is actually better than the normal mode from the old Columnus. It's faster and based more on skill now. Anyway, check it out, and see if you can beat my high score! View High Scores

Clear the Way!-In this game, the object is to get as high a score as possible while clearing a path for some tanks. To do this, you must use your arsenal of specially designed bombs. The trick is to use the bombs to set-up combos and to get bonuses. If you just sit there and click, you'll last for a long time, but you won't get a high score. View High Scores

Kogeikougantaba - This game is a clone of the Bust-a-Move/Puzzle Bobble style games. The object is to match up same colored balls and to get the various available bonuses. View High Scores

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Stand Alone Games!-Okay, if a game's picture is messed up, you need to change your graphics driver.

Download The Journey from the Head to the Heart-This game is a blatantly religious game full of delicious moral goodness. Of course, it wouldn't be a Bumderland game without a humorous twist: this game is very funny (almost to the point of mocking satire). The graphics in this game are the best of any game I've ever made (thanks to Ben). I'm particualry proud of my scrolling effects on the first level. This game has a total of three levels, all of which you will find very challenging. Rest assured, though, that each level is beatable. This game is about 1.6 MB in size.

Download Columnus-The grand master of all games (on this site) has finally arrived! In Columnus, there are 3 modes of play: Normal Mode, Puzzle Mode, and Battle Mode. In Normal Mode, you can play one or two players simutaneously. You get to choose from 19 characters, which you can obtain throughout the game, and any music from the game. You have to shoot the odd blocks to push back the walls (it is much more fun than it sounds here). In Puzzle Mode, you are Columnus on a mission to save the children that were kidnapped. You must solve puzzle and defeat enemies in three worlds consisting of 4 levels a piece (that's 16 levels for those of us who hate math). Plus, there are two hidden levels in Puzzle Mode. (that makes 18). In Battle Mode, you fight against another player. You get to choose from 7 characters, which are obtained throughout the game, and 4 battle arenas (one is hidden). Columnus is about 2.78 MB in size.

Download Bumderland Bowling-It has been pushed back for months, but it's finally done. In this game, you use a remote controlled cow instead of a ball to knock down pins. It also has a unique game engine that allows for more "ball" control, unique scoring, selection of frames to be bowled, and a chance to get revenge on the winner! Oh yeah, by the way, Stink Bomb is your "commentator" in this game. This game has tons of replay value with it's 4-player capability. It also has some nifty cheats and tricks in it. It is 733 KB in size.

Download Soccer Madness-It has been nearly a year since the start of this game which was originally scheduled as the first release of Bumderland. In this game, you are a cheerleader armed with a toilet that must save the world from evil alien invaders. It's about 2.2 MB in size.

Download Kill Barny!-Okay, this is how it goes. Don't download this game if you don't want to see graphic violence. This game gives you 10 weapons to use against Barny. They are a pistol, a machine gun, firecrackers, your fist, an axe (great for decapitation), an elephant, nukes, cluster bombs, an alien, and children. It is only 1 player. It's about 785 KB in size.

Download Zen Tireball Version 1.1-This game is a computerized version of a game that Graham and I created. I think it will live up to the weirdness you'd expect from us here at Bumderland. Here's all I can really say about this game: It involves a ball, tire swing, two people, and a wall.. It is only 2 players. It's about 410 KB in size.

Download Punch Hanson!-Hey, we all know that there are many people who hate Hanson, so here's your chance for revenge. It has a very customizable difficuly, so you can beat 'em up for as long as you want. It is only 1 player. It's about 360 KB in size.


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