From 6/16/99 to 9/2/99

Well, I'm still remaining lazy. I've been learning JavaScript, so I've re-done the Pet Button with my new skills. I've also added a page where you can get JavaScripts to put on your page. Hopefully, those scripts will warrant funny results.

Wow! I'm getting lazy. This is the first update in over a month. If you don't believe me, look at the last date. Anyway, to the good new: Columus is done! You can download it from the games page. Also, the Columnus Highscores page is up.

I'm getting really lazy. Anyway, today I noticed that the dates for this news stuff was akward, so I reversed it. Also, I've entered this site into a competition, so if you feel like voting for us, you can do so here. I'm testing a new logo, so tell me what you think. I removed the fans stuff page becuase I felt like it. I also editied Ray's corner because I felt like doing that, too. (Matt, I worked hard on that! Oh, well...sorry, Ray.) A new episode of the "radio shows" is now available. I think that you should check this one out. The final update is to the links. I don't know why I bother saying that because no one cares. I don't blame you. Who would want to leave this site, anyway?

Today, Graham is having surgery on his foot. Okay, now that that's out of the way, I can tell you about the new cool thing on our site, which you probably already noticed. I have added a javascript that records your name, number of visits, and most importantly, the last time you visted (so you can tell which updates were made since you last visited) via a cookie.

Mr. Bunghole's Music Page has finally been updated. Josť Spicy and his Spicy Friends have graced us with a rap about Future President Panasonic. Also, due to a large (at least large for us) request, we have added several new Amazingly Odd Stories. On another note, we are thinking about changing our logo. Check out the candidate at the
logos page and give us feedback. I just read 6/17s 2nd entry and things like will work.

We have moved to a new server. That's right. We have left Geocities for Xoom because of Xoom's unlimited memory. It took me forever to move all of the files and to change ALL of the links. Now, all of our files are in the same directory, like that matters to you. In other news, I didn't get to sleep until four thoity (that's right, thoity) last

6/17/99 (later on in the day)
Guess what? You can now find us at Really. You can. Try it, if you don't believe me. Don't try something like because it won't work yet. I'm trying to fix it, though.

Today is the anniversary of the Stink Bomb and Matt "Radio Show." Check out the new episode. In other news, I had three waffles today for breakfast, instead of two.

Today is the first anniversary of our website! It's been a great first year, and we hope to improve. Best of all, we can now put a "making people wet themselves for over one year" thing on our page. Don't worry, we will eventually. We have done a massive update to celebrate our anniversary. I'd also like to tell you about current projects. Graham and I are working on a song. I am still working on Columnus (adding tons of new stuff), and I have begun work on a new program that might make your life a bit easier. Oh yeah, by the way, thanks for supporting Bumderland!

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