From 10/11/99 to 2/27/00

Guess what. I have updated again. I've gleefully updated the Awards Page and not so gleefully posted BBH's next list of dementation. No, I'm jus kidding. He's getting much better. Check it out. In the next update, I garuntee a new song, a least two more radio shows, and possibly more. In other news, I tripped, and my cat ripped my hands to shreds.

Well, it's the start of a new year, not a new century or millenium (you can thank Pope Gregory for that). Well, I guess that the world didn't end and Y2K didn't destroy everything (I wish I could see th stupid look on people's faces who stockpiled). There's only one update today: a new radio show. Check it out.

Hey, look at that. Not a single update in over a month. I am so lazy. I broke my finger. Anyway, I have added the newest installment of the "radio shows." Good news to all of you BASIC fans, I've finally found a link to a site where you can download GWBASIC.

It's Halloween! That's right. It's the time when children are forced to wear weird, embarassing clothes and beg for food. Anyway, I have added a new radio show (another one without Stink Bomb; Yay!). It's has a special guest that I think that you'll like, so enjoy.

Today, I noticed that Columnus was available at Then, to my great surprise, it was a popular download. Of course, that may change, but it made me feel high for the first time since I had laughing gas. Because I am very(x10000) lazy, I have only added a new "radio show." The first without Stink Bomb! It's almost a garunteed smash hit.

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