Future President Panasonic's Changes He'll Make, When He Becomes President

  1. Legalize prostitution!
  2. Make using toilet paper illegal
  3. Kill all news people
  4. Legalize public nudity for hot people
  5. Legalize marijuana
  6. Make Matt my best friend. (I didn't say that, Matt!!! I'm sorry, Future President Panasonic. If it happens again, I'll shoot Chris in the butt. Really? Yes! Cool!)
  7. Make Matt my best friend. (Matt! That's it! Come here Chris. What? Bang! Ow! You Jerk! Ha, ha! Ha, ha!)
  8. Make a law that says everyone must punch Graham and Kevin once a week.
  9. Make watching the Brady Bunch illegal (But I, Graham, love the Brady Bunch! Um...I guess I have to shoot you! I, Chris, will save you! BANG! Not the other cheek...ow!)

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