The Stink Bomb Comic's Page

This is where Bumderland practically started. We finally got the technology to get these comics onto the site. Enjoy.

#1 Stink in the Temple of Turds-Stink Bomb ventures into the Temple of Turds.*

#2 Stink Bomb vs. Gun Head-Stink Bomb meets Gun Head.*

#3 Stink Bomb in the Smelliest Enemy Yet-Stink Bomb meets Butthead (not the one from MTV).*

#4 Stink Bomb in the Prank and the Experiment-Little Stink Bomb plays and prank on his dad, Stink Bomb. Oh yeah, there's an experiment, too.

There are more to come!

*Only the first three Stink Bomb comics were actually colored. I will color the other comics with my computer.

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