The Stupid Ranger's Page 'O Nothing

This page is dedicated to the word "Nothing." You can do many things with the word nothing...

  1. Use it to lie to parents
  2. Feed it to a baby
  3. Use it buy stuff
  4. You can copy it onto a CD
  5. You can hit Ray and Dave with it
  6. You can make oragamy animals with it
  7. It's a great source of fuel
  8. It's a description of what Hornet does (Bull, I do do stuff! Like what? know........stuff.... Um......oh yeah!)
  9. You can use it to hunt cardboard boxes (ray does)
  10. It's a description of what Raptor has down his pants besides poop (Shut-Up, Bull! I don't have poop in there anymore!)

We love the word "Nothing." We know you love it now, too.

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