Bookbaghead's Topics for a Talkshow

Like many people, I like to criticize others by making fun of stuff they do. Here is my list of topics that I would like to see Jerry Springer take on.

  1. I Married Myself!
  2. I Ate My Own Head Off!
  3. I Scarificed My Brother To The Knights Who Say "Nee!"
  4. Victims Of Ride-on Lawnmower Accidents Speak.
  5. I Had Sex With A Telephone!
  6. I'm Addicted To Windex!
  7. Messed Up Talkshow Hosts (He'll love this one, if you catch my drift...hehe)
  8. My Affair With a Blender
  9. My Wife Left Me For My Dead Mother!
  10. My 700 Pound Dog!
  11. Real Power Rangers Speak Out.
  12. Dead People Discuss Life On The Other Side.
  13. Gay Men And The Talkshow Hosts That Love Them (Another one of those that Jerry will love...hehe).
  14. I Can't Believe I Ate The Whole Thing
  15. I Fried My Brain And Blah ahh goos blugg...
  16. I'm Going To Sue Bumderland (Another Jerry fav.)
  17. I'm Sleeping With Two Women, Three Sheep, One Donkey, Four Men, Six Dogs, Four Underage Children, Two Monkeys, And My Mother-In-Law
  18. My Mom Says I'm Cool
  19. Follow up: Victims Of Lawnmower Accidents, How They Are Doing Today.
  20. Ha Ha Ha! Look At The Fat Kids!
  21. Fake Talkshows (Yet another Jerry favorite)?
  22. I think I'm Batman and I live in a Kite Eating Tree

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