Bookbaghead Speaks

Hi! I'm Bookbaghead. I'm a defender of truth and justice. I have many super powers that I get when I put the Magical Bookbag of Walawalabingbongslang on my head.

See how Bookbaghead feels about certain topics. Choose a topic from below.

Topics for a Talkshow-See the topics BBH wants to see Jerry Springer take on.

Thing's That Remind Me of a Toilet-As the topic says.

Thing's That Rhyme With Eight-You can figure it out.

Ways to Tell If You Visit This Site Too Much-Another toughie to figure out.

Favorite Superheros-Read to see who are Bookbaghead's idles.

Favorite Things to Do in Zelda 64-Bookbaghead likes to play this game. Check out his favorite things to do in it.

Politically Correct Dictionary-You all know that nowadays you have to be politically correct, so BBH has compiled a dictionary that will help you out (he didn't get very far because his brain fried).

Funniest Anecdotes from our First Year Online-This is some funny stuff here.

Commonly Misspelled Words-Some words when misspelled mean something completely different and can produce some pretty funny sentences.

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