Bookbaghead's ways to tell if you visit this site too much

  1. You're the reason the counter is as high as it is.
  2. You constantly sign the guestbook just to be the one who has the most entries.
  3. You go around with a bookbag on your head.
  4. You've made a web site dedicated to this one.
  5. You attempt to mimic Stink Bomb's voice.
  6. You've atually tried to locate possible places on a map where Bumderland might be found.
  7. You've dressed up as Stink Bomb on Halloween.
  8. You've named your 3 kids/pets Bull, Raptor, and Hornet (those are the names of the Stupid Rangers).
  9. You've changed your last name to Panasonic and are sure that you'll be the future President.

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