Bookbaghead's Favorite Things to Do in Zelda 64

  1. Recklessly hacking up signs (I like to chop it four times).
  2. In Jabu-Jabu's Belly, throwing Princess Ruto into anything with an electrical current.
  3. When riding Epona the Horse, shooting Epona in the head with an arrow.
  4. Fixing signs and then hacking them up again.
  5. Doind nothing, so I can watch Link shake his booty.
  6. Ramming into trees, walls, boxes, etc.
  7. Standing in front of the runner in Hyrule Field, so that Link gets projected into the air.
  8. Wearing "scary" masks and talking to women., so that they yell at me.
  9. Jumping off of pretty much any cliff in Death Mountain.
  10. Diving off of the cliff in Gerudo Valley and landing on the ledge near the bottom on my face.

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