Bookbaghead's Funniest Anecdotes from our First Year Online

We had a lot of fun this year in Bumderland. It's hard to believe that we've been doing this stuff online for a year. Well, I'll share some of the funny things that happened over the past year. I may add some more later because I can't remember them all!

  1. The time that Stink Bomb found a faked picture of him "with" another guy.
  2. The time that the Phantom Pooper left a "surprise" in my Bookbag, and I didn't figure out what the smell was until a week later.
  3. The time that Stink Bomb tricked Duface into eating a raw cow's liver.
  4. The time that Dave did his karate action and accidentally fell into the pool.
  5. The time that Matt beamed Stink Bomb during a baseball game. Stink Bomb broke, and his smell caused everyone to pass out.
  6. The time that Ray shot Kevin's cardboard box, which contained his new T.V. Kevin went insane for about a week.
  7. The time that Matt sent a condom to Graham in the mail, and Graham gave it to his dog.
  8. The time that Matt dressed up like a girl (on Halloween), and Stink Bomb hit on him.
  9. The time that Graham accidentally rode his bike into a parked car and flipped, and then the owner chased him a bat.
  10. The time that Kevin literally skated on thin ice and fell through.
  11. The time that F.P. Panasonic used a helicopter to dump a ton of talcom powder all over everyone in Bum Central.
  12. The time that the Stupid Rangers accidentally turned into a pair of shoes and couldn't change back, and Duface wore them for a week.

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