Bookbaghead's Commonly Misspelled Words

Format: Word/Misspelling(definition, if needed): Sentence using misspelling.

  1. Picture/Pitcher: I have a pitcher hanging on my wall.
  2. Coma/Comma: I was in a comma for two months.
  3. Plague/Plage(a bright region of the sun caused by clouds of two types of gases): Plages have dessimated many human populations throughout history.
  4. Plains/Planes: I love to run around in the planes and play in the dirt.
  5. Pi/Pie-The circumference of a circle is equal to the product of its diameter and pie.
  6. Colonel/Kernel: My dad is a kernel in the army.
  7. Epilogue/Epic log(a really big log of wood): The epic log of this book tied everything together.
  8. Won't/Wont(to do as a habit): I wont [to*] kill anyone.
  9. Role/Roll: What roll do you get to play in the play?
  10. Flour/Flower: I like to put extra flower in my bread.
  11. Sky/Ski: I wish that I could be a bird and fly up high in the ski.
  12. Eyes/Ice: I see using my ice.
  13. Analyst/Analist(I'll give you a hint--backdoor): I am a professional analist.

*If this sentence were to make sense using "wont", "wont" would need to be followed by "to."

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