The Book of Chris

The life story of Chris. Chris was born in a place called Bumderland. He didn't know who his parents were. He was raised by Bums. At the age of eleven he got the job of a camera man. About five weeks later he made his own show. They only let him make one show because the Bumderland did not like his show. Chris was made a camera man again. He tried making a radio show with Matt and Stink Bomb, but after one show he got kick off. Then he tried making a stop motion show using Stink Bomb. He did one show because then he created Block Dude. He did about three shows with Block Dude because Block Dude later fired him. He fired him because he wanted to go work with Stink Bomb. While working with Stink Bomb Block Dude got shot by Gun Head. After about a year. Chris got his big break. They added another cast member. That made it so Chris could do other things. He got to make three music videos. They were a big hit in Bumderland. Then Chris got some parts, but none of them ever took off. Until he became the Phantom Pooper. He got killed twice as him, but the Phantom Pooper still lives, today. Chris also was in a game show called Stupidity Feud and he won. He also got a job hosting two different game shows. he only made one of each of the game shows. chris was a big hit doing his news. Especially the episode when Dave needed toliet paper. He got killed by President Pansonic at least 4 times. Got beaten up by a bad comedian. He was a pretty bad secret agent. chris took phone calls with Kevin, but they didn't like him. They threw him off of that show after one show. They only made two anyway. This is out of order, but do not worry about it.

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