The Bumderland Bible

The Book of Chris-Should be called the Book About Chris, but is still pretty funny.

The Book of the Adventure of Jack Bob-Read the hilarious story of Jack Bob.

The Gospel of Stink Bomb-This is the Gospel of Stink Bomb. Enough said.

The Book of Matt's Adventure in Washington, D.C. Land-Read about Matt's adventure. This book contains pictures to add to the story's comedy.

The Book of the Parody-This is a parody of the movie Titanic. If you hate the movie, you ought to read this. If you like the movie, just pretend this isn't a parody of the movie.

The Book of Revenge-Revenge is great! Read this story of revenge.

The Book of Abstinence-This is about a mouse who preaches about abstinence. It's pretty darn funny.

The Book of Tech Support-This is about a man's struggle with tech support. It has some vulgarity in it, so beware.

Unaccessible Books

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