The Book of the Adventure of Jack Bob

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The Story

Jack Bob is a man of age thirty-five and lives in the Zambonian Artilic in the year 31250 A.D. (this is 100 years after the Great Nuclear War). Jack Bob is a rather cowardly man who spends most of his time in his house. Jack Bob stands at six feet, five inches tall with a medium build. He has tough green skin which is almost completely covered by orange hair. He kind of looks like a monkey (at least for the previous descriptions). On his hands, he has five inch long metallic fingernails. As for his voice, he speaks with little hesitation and flaws.

It was on one of those few days on which Jack left his house. He was out buying groceries on a mild weathered day in April. On his was home from the store, Jack somehow managed to tri p himself. As he was trying to regain his balance, he bumped into a man and fell on top of him. The man hit his head on the ground and became unconscious. Jack was unhurt because he landed on the man. At that time, a couple of authority figures, or grandites, were making their way towards Jack. He realized this and quickly got to his feet and ran in the other direction. The grandites got to the man, knelt down, and began talking to each other. Then they went after Jack. Jack was looking back at them an d ran right into the wall of a store. Jack fell to the ground, and the grandites caught up to him. They took Jack, who was unconscious, along with the other man, away.

When Jack awoke, he found himself in the back of a grandite truck with one of the grandites. The grandite in the back then yelled to the ones in the front, "He's wakin' up."

The driver replied, "All right, thanks for letting us know."

Jack, only half awake, asked, "Where are you taking me?"

The grandite in back answered, "To the palace."

Jack began to plea by saying, "It was an accident. I swear. Come on, let me go."

The reply was, "What are you talking about?"

"Oh, uh, never mind." Jack then gave a sigh of relief. He wasn't going to be punished. When they arrived at the palace, one of the palace servants took him to the King, who knew of what happened. The servant then left. The King said, "That was very brave of you, attacking the most dangerous criminal in the Zambonian Artilic."

Jack was confused. He replied, "What?"

"Ah, you're very modest."

"Umm," Jack recalled the event, "yes, I am."

"Because of your bravery, I have assigned you a mission to find a special artifact. It is located in the northwest region of the wastelands."

The cowardly Jack cried out, "Oh, please! I was just kidding. It was an accident, I swear. Come on, you don't actually believe I'm brave."

"You're going. You'll have twenty well-trained men and all the supplies you'll need."


Jack was interrupted. "Frank will show you to your room. You'll leave in the morning."

Frank, the servant, led him to his room. Jack quickly fell asleep.

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