The Book of Revenge

"Thou Shalt Have Revenge"

Once, there was an evil bitch named Shaquin. She was a bitch to everyone in the beautiful land of Ce’dar Ruin. One day, she met Sir Ray of the Fix’s. With brute force, she slapped him across the face and spoketh: "How dare thee be in my way while I take the chariot to school"

"I’m sorry ma’am," Ray replied.

"That is not enough," She said back as she threwest dirt in Rayeth’s faceth. Ray got angry, and called his friends, who knew Shanquin the Bitch, Roger the Late and Arnie the Brute. Now' on the 12th hour of the day, Ray, Roger, and Arnie set out a plan. They would use a catapult for balloons, and they would fire them with brute force hitting her manor sure enough. When they succesfully did it, the whole manor lit up with lights. Ray, Roger, and Arnie ran into the woods. Ray loaded the catapult and fired another balloon as Shaquin walked out, and she got hit in the face. As Ray and the band ran, Ray said, "Next week, we’ll light a bag of dog crap on her porch and ring the doorbell."

- The Endeth

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