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This page is dedicated to my various computer software projects. I have been creating computer software since I first learned it was possible back in like 7th grade (circa 1995). My first work was on an old Adam computer we had laying around the house. Once I ruined the BASIC cassette by accidentally putting it into the broken drive, I started coding on the family's DOS machine with GWBASIC. I spent way too many hours making a poorly coded text adventure game. When my family finally upgraded to the modern age in 1998 (our first Windows machine), BASIC was no longer a useful medium for me. It wasn't long before I found a program called Klik N Play from Clickteam. Using that, I made several terrible games. I later upgraded to Clickteam's Multimedia Fusion. Fortunately, I didn't make many awful games with MMF. Instead, I was moving onto more traditional software development environments. Sometime in high school, I had begun dabbling in PERL and created a fairly poor database program. In my defense, I had no formal training in computer science until college. I also wrote many programs for my TI-85 calculator using its basic language. I even wrote a version of Minesweeper for the TI-85. Senior year in high school, as part of the senior design projects they had us do, my group decided to make a game using C++, so I bought Sam's Teach Yourself C++ in 24 Hours and got to work. We spent all year working on a racing game that was never more than a car moving around a track. That same year, I took a class in Pascal (my high school was behind the curve on technology). I wrote Minesweeper in that language too. After learning C++, I began dabbling with writing extensions to the Multimedia Fusion program I used to use to make games. I actually became fairly good at it and made some extensions people actually found useful. College further developed and refined my skills. It introduced me to some other programming languages and technologies. By senior year, my senior design group was designing and coding a game based on the Mega Man series of games. Since college, I have dabbled with various little programs here and there, mostly for my own use, but occasionally I make something that I think others might find useful.



College Projects

Project Ideas

These are projects that I have been considering doing but haven't actually done yet. I may have started some of them but haven't gotten far enough to show much for my effrots.

Abandoned Projects

These are projects that I actually started but abandoned due to a diminished personal interest.