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Welcome to the uh......well.......uh.....it's just above this (had to put that because my friend, Graham, didn't want me typing "The Amazingly Odd World of Bumderland again.". Shut-up and don't mention me again, Matt! Okay, Graham. I said don't mention me again! Fine, Graham, I won't. You did it again! Did what? Mentioned my name! Uh...what name? My name, you know, it's Graham. Idiot... Oh yeah, sorry, Graham. Ugh!).

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"This web site will contain really, really stupid comedy."--Graham (I told you not to use my name!!!! Uh, oh yeah. Sorry.)

"This web site will contain really, really stupid comedy."--Anonymous Graham (You're not fooling anyone! Oh.)

"This web site will contain really, really stupid comedy."--Some dude (Thank you!)

Recent Bumderland News
So... you probably thought this website was dead. Well, it is basically just a museum now. I finally got around to copying old videos to the computer. You can now check out the two seasons of The Bum Show and a bunch of Stink Bomb cartoons on Rumble. I had trouble with the audio, but I did my best to make it passable. I feel like there's stuff I remember shooting that wasn't in the videos. Maybe I'll stumble across more stuff some day, but it may be lost to time. Never say never. I mean, it's been almost 19 years since the last update.

This is the last update that you are likely to see on this website. In this final update, I have reuploaded some of the previous offline items. I will be attempting to create a new website for Bumderland but this one will remain in this final form until catastrophe destroys it. I may continue some aspects of the old site on the new one, but I don't know as of yet.

You can pretty well see that I was serious about not updating much. I'm working on other things now (you may have noticed the new links tacked onto the end of the other links) that are taking up my time. In any case, I've finally finished another online game: Kogeikougantaba. It's a clone of the Bust-a-Move/Puzzle Bobble style games. See if you can be number one!

Contrary to popular belief, I do pay attention to my little web site here. I'm sure I'll get back to updating some day, but I'm really busy with other things. Bad news everyone, looks like Crosswinds has killed its free hosting service, so looks like Bumderland will be moving again. I'll be moving to my university account for the time being... the problem is that this will entail me closing down most parts of the site... Maybe, someday, I'll get myself a reliable host. Of course, that would mean I'd have to pay for a host, which is something I don't really want to do. I know, I'm cheap. :-)

Man, what a downer! Crosswinds had some major troubles, and it seems that my site was deleted...so I must start the slow process of re-uploading everything...sigh.

Don't get your hopes up. I haven't really added anything. :-) I'm far too busy with other things to do much with this site, which is kind of depressing for me... Anyway, NBCi decided to close up their web pages, so I've moved to Crosswinds. If the pop-up bothers you, just minimize it (instead of closing it), and it will no longer pop up. I've also added links to "Non-Bumderland" things that I'm doing.

Well, what do you know? I'm updating again. Well, actually, I only have two things to add: new games! That's right! Two new games for y'all. The first one is called The Journey from the Head to the Heart. It's a religious type game but is treated in a very humrous way (almost to the point of satire). This game is my graphical masterpiece. Of course, I had help (actually, I only did a few things with graphics :-)) from Ben. The second game is another online game (with high scores, I might add). It's called Clear the Way! Like in Columnus, you play for score. In this game, you're objective is to use your arsenal of bombs to destory buildings (patterns=more points) and clear the way for some tanks.

It's the first of August, and you know what that means! (Well, if you do, you know something that I don't know and should seek therapy.) Anyway, what does this update have for us? I have added a new "radio show" for your audio pleasure. The best news is that Columnus (Vitalized) is now officially online. This bad boy is everything you love about Columnus plus the ability to store high scores online! You can view the high scores here. Now, for the bad news. It has become painfully obvious that my interest in this site has dwindled. I plan to focus my energies towards programming, so this site will probably be neglected for long periods of time. Sorry.

Look at that! Two updates in a row! It's one of the seven signs of the Apocalypse. Well, the only update today is a new "radio show." It's the anniversary episode. You know, if I keep this up, there'll be an update everyday or twice a week or twice a month...there are so many possibilities...twice every year per total alignment of the planets...the possibilities go on and on...

Well, I've done it again: I've managed to go more than a month without updating. In fact, I haven't updated since the end of February, and on top of that, this update isn't that large for an Anniversary update. That's right, it's our Anniversary (we might have to change the banner). What do we have? Two new "radio shows" are up first, followed by a helping of a work in progress. I've started working on an online version of Columnus (it is actually better than the regular version). Right now, the only thing that it has to do with being online is that you play it in your browser, so you will need a plug-in. All the information can be found here (it's not a complete page, so you'll have to use the Back button to return here). Next, on our list of updates is a healthy dose of an Amazingly Odd Story. Ray's Little Insignificant Corner is our next victim. It has been updated and has pictures (well, just one right now). Finally, we have recieved another award. Well, actually, we recieved the same award again. I'm sorry that I was unable to add another song as I had promised, but recording songs with primitive equipment is tough. Well, perhaps, I shall be able to update this site more often (Yeah, sure you will, Matt).

Older News

IMPORTANT: In order view updates, you MAY need to reload or refresh (depending on your browser) the page that has been updated. I used a bigger font in a different color to prove that this is important.

Places to go (They are in order of how I like them. The "radio shows" are by far the best):

The Bumderland Rumble Channel -Watch the two seasons of The Bum Show and a bunch of Stink Bomb cartoons. Last Updated: 5/28/2024

Stink Bomb's "Radio Show"-Listen to Stink Bomb and Matt in their "Radio Show." Last Updated: 8/1/00

The Games Page-Here, you can download games that were made by Bumderland programmers. Last Updated: 8/3/02

Bookbaghead Speaks-See how Bookbaghead feels about certain topics. Last Updated: 2/27/99

The Bumderland Bible-Read the Bible of Bumderland. Last Updated: 6/16/99

The Amazingly Odd Stories-You supply some words to these stories. Last Updated: 6/16/00

The JavaScripts Page-Here you can find funny JavaScripts to add to your web page. Last Updated: 9/2/99

Ray's Little Insignificant Corner-Read some comedy straight from Ray. Last Updated: 6/16/00

The Stink Bomb Comic's Page-View the comics that started Bumderland. Last Updated: 4/30/99

Mr. Bunghole's Music-Listen to some Bumderland music. Last Updated: 6/24/99 (Offline)

Some More Bumderlicious Delights-Check out some more Bumderlad silliness. Last Updated: 8/2/01

The Page o' Awards-View our awards. "So what," you say? Well, how many does your site have? Last Updated: 6/16/00

Meet the Bumderland Cast-Read about the people who make up Bumderland. Last Updated: 6/16/98

Bumderland Characters-Learn about the characters of Bumderland. Last Updated: 6/16/98

Bumderlicious Links-Visit some of Bumderland's favorite sites. Last Updated: 8/2/01

Matt's Developer Page: You can find all of my various software projects here. I have moved the UHSD, MMF Files, and Key Mapper here.

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